It's time to take
back healthcare.

Physicians and care providers are sick and
tired of complex technology, fragmented care delivery and increasing burdens
from outside forces getting in the way of what they do best. Healthcare has
become disordered, disillusioned
and disconnected from its
original purpose—patient
care. It’s time to take a
stand against the
status quo.

Coordinate. Care.

PinpointCare puts the care back in healthcare by giving physicians the power to connect and coordinate personalized plans across the entire care continuum. It’s the only solution that helps identify "off-plan" and higher risk patients, enabling actions that quickly put patients back “on-plan” and back on the path to wellness.

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With PinpointCare, we have gone from retrospective management to real-time monitoring

Dramatic outcomes start with dynamic care plans.

While others talk about how to approach the Triple Aim, we're achieving it every day with real care plans that deliver real results to both patients and physicians groups.

  • 400% increase in profit per episode per physician
  • 66% less days spent by patients in skilled rehabilitation centers
  • 54% decrease in readmissions

Real Results

Coordinating care by design.

Configurable care plans

No two patients are identical in their situation, condition, or needs. Personalized care plans create a path to overcome the complexities that get in the way of getting well.

Patient-preferred communications

Doctor-patient communication is key to staying on plan. Connecting with patients how they want to be reached can make the difference between on-plan and off-plan.

Intuitive user experience

It has to be simple. Period. That’s why our dashboard is designed to filter data and escalate outliers, with minimal effort required from the physician.

Completing the Triple Aim.

Most solutions take aim at one or two parts of the Triple Aim. PinpointCare is the only one to achieve all three — all on one platform. It's the real deal and real patients and physicians are realizing the benefits everyday.

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