It's time to take
back healthcare.

Traditional healthcare IT systems are expensive,
complex and isolated. Physicians and healthcare professionals are faced with unnecessary
workarounds, poor communication and
an inability to electronically share
information outside their four walls
when trying to provide
quality care.

Coordinate. Care.

PinpointCare is a cloud-based, flexible SaaS solution that gives healthcare professionals the power to coordinate care across the entire continuum without disrupting their workflow. Patients are engaged in creating personalized care plans and information is shared across sites of care, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions to better manage risk, reduce costs and improve quality.

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With PinpointCare, we have gone from retrospective evaluation to real-time management.

Dramatic outcomes start with dynamic care plans.

PinpointCare delivers real results:

  • 54% decrease in readmissions
  • 66% fewer rehabilitation center days
  • 400% increase in profit per episode per physician

Real Results

Coordinating care by design.

Configurable care plans

No two patients are identical in their situation, condition or needs. Create collaborative, personalized and proactive care plans for each patient with PinpointCare.

Streamlined communication

Communication is key. Healthcare provider collaboration during transitions of care and improved patient interaction across an entire episode of care is essential to keeping patients on-plan.

Intuitive user experience

Simple and efficient is best. Designed with the user in mind, PinpointCare puts the right information in the right place for the right clinician.

Completing the Triple Aim.

Most solutions take aim at one or two parts of the Triple Aim. PinpointCare is the only one to achieve all three — all on one platform. It's the real deal and real patients and physicians are realizing the benefits everyday.

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